Coronavirus.  Further Submissions.
Submitting new evidence to support your asylum claim.

As a result of the Coronovirus Pandemic, with many people self isolating,the Home Office have directed that Asylum seekers wishing to submit new evidence to the Home Office, where their claim has been refused or withdrawn, can now submit this evidence by post to the Further Submissions Unit (FSU), the Capital, New Hall Place Liverpool, L3 9PP

Further representations may be made where you have had an initial asylum and/or human rights claim refused, or have withdrawn such a claim, and have exhausted all appeal rights in relation to that claim. If you have new or additional information which has come to light following the final decision on your previous claim, it is possible to make representations based on the new information to the Home Office and ask them to treat these fresh representations as a fresh claim for asylum. The Home Office will then consider the fresh representations in accordance with Paragraph 353 of the Immigration Rules.

Paragraph 353 states that submissions will amount to a fresh claim if they are significantly different from material that has already been considered. Submissions will only be significantly different if the content:

  • has not already been considered; and
  • taken together with previously considered material, creates a realistic prospect of success before the Tribunal on protection or human rights grounds, including claims under Article 8 ECHR (which will be considered under the Family or Private Life Rules, where appropriate)

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